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Each workplace is a unique and complex system that works with the help of many moving parts. No matter if you own a small, family-owned company or a large organization, running a business venture can be a challenging pursuit.

When searching for the best electronic door locks for your facility or store, you need to ask a few crucial questions first:

  • How many people will need access?
  • Who will be entering and leaving the premises?
  • Who will be managing access to the area?
  • Should there be different levels of access required for certain individuals?

If you’re still not sure what to get for your business, below are a few of the best electronic door locks on the market right now.

Biometric Locks

Biometric locks are gaining more popularity these days because of the convenience it offers to businesses. These locks allow you to gain access to a secured door by scanning your eye or fingerprint. Since all fingerprints are unique, it’s impossible to forge, which makes biometric locks a very secure option. It’s also best for business owners and managers who want to have easy access without having to carry a key or fob with them at all times.

With this type of door lock, a fingerprint is scanned and converted into a numerical template. This commands the system to unlock a specific door. Biometric systems are heavily reliant on connectivity, so find a model with a backup option such as a mechanical or keypad lock in case a technical problem occurs.

Keypad Locks

The Best Electronic Door Locks Suited for Commercial Use

A keypad or combination lock model can be unlocked by using a PIN. Aside from being easy to install and maintain, these locks allow you to assign unique codes to various users. Changing the PIN can be done at any time, so you can easily manage access to your warehouse or shop.

Take note: There are models with protective mechanisms like keypads that shut down the system once an incorrect code has been entered multiple times. The latest models have a touch screen, but there are still existing models with physical buttons. Additionally, there are combination keypad locks that use a PIN paired with another type of lock, such as handles or deadbolts for extra security.

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Smart Locks

The Best Electronic Door Locks Suited for Commercial Use

Smart locks utilize wireless protocols like WiFi, Z-Wave, or Bluetooth to operate. These protocols enable you to have greater access control and allow remote lock management. Smart locks come with a keyed lock, a combination of access controls, and a key card system to lock and unlock your facility. They have remote control features where the lock is paired with a smartphone or key fob—making it a suitable option for those who require remote access control.

Why Electronic Door Locks are the Best for Commercial Use

Many companies rely on electronic door locks to streamline their operations and improve their security.

Although keyless door locks are an obvious choice for large enterprises, even small companies can benefit from such smart solutions—especially if multiple people need access to the facility. As you expand your business, electronic keyless door locks scales with you, without the hassle of issuing traditional keys. Electronic door locks can also help protect your business from burglaries, which can more than pay for the expense of upgrading.

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