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Stylishly Innovative Commercial Locks for All Door Types

What They’re Known For

Schlage is a company that designs and manufactures locks, bolts, and other door hardware pieces. They’re the company behind push-button cylindrical door locks and other innovative options. Since 1920, they’ve been releasing cutting-edge ideas and stylishly avant-garde designs for all their locks. And on top of their creative craftsmanship is sheer quality: Schlage locks are known for their durability and ironclad security.

All Locks And Doors Recommended Schlage Products


Promising effortless coming and going and total ease-of-access, Schlage wireless electronic locks are an innovative solution to the centuries-old problems concerning keys—specifically; losing them, forgetting them, or having them stolen..

Featuring cutting-edge products with multi-technology real-time access, PIN codes, and extensive control system integration, you’re sure to find a Schlage wireless electronic lock system that suits your business’s specific security needs. What’s more, these products all feature an iconic sleek finish that makes it easy to use for almost any aesthetic.

One of our favorites is the AD-400 Networked Wireless Lock. Capable of enabling a wide range of credential options such as PINs, magnetic stripes, and Smart credentials (available via any Smartphone device), this keyless, wireless system is easy to manage, easy to install, and perfect for restricting (and tracking) access in specified areas.


We honestly think that any Schlage smart lock is pure genius. It eliminates the need to run multiple copies of the same key and the stress of having to track every single copy made. It also helps that enabling smart credentials (on smartphones, no less) is much easier than duplicating any one key multiple times.

Most Schlage smart lock systems can store multiple mobile credentials, depending on the make and model. Imagine how useful that can be for restricted access areas like admin offices, managerial offices, employee-only common spaces, and the like.

These kinds of locks make it harder for criminal types and unsavory characters to break into your office or work compound. What’s more, in the off-chance that someone loses their key or it gets stolen, changing codes is much easier to do than having to change the entire lock. Uninstalling and reinstalling a new lock too many times can also compromise the door’s integrity.

If you want to try Schlage’s smart lock system for yourself, we highly recommend the Schlage Control™ Mobile Enabled Smart Lock, which is available as both a deadbolt or an interconnect lock.


Smart technology is changing the game in terms of commercial security. Schlage commercial locks that use smart technology make it possible to remotely monitor, relock, and reinforce entrances—consequently restricting or granting access when the situation calls for it. Just like the keyless and electronic Schlage locks, Schlage electromagnetic locks afford business owners and managers ease-of-access—and ease-of-mind—by removing the worry over keys—specifically, key copies, key ownerships, and key tracking/management.

Perhaps one of the most popular products under Schlage’s Electromagnetic Locks would be the M490G Electromagnetic Gate Lock and the 320M Electromagnetic Lock. Both locks are capable of withstanding incredible amounts of holding force (up to 1500 lbs., in fact), and are designed for heavy-duty exterior sliding gates. The 320M model is designed to seamlessly integrate with electronic access control systems while the M490G comes with its own low-maintenance feature that quickly accommodates misalignment problems.

What We Recommend

Schlage locks offer a variety of solutions to suit specific commercial security problems. We can recommend several options for most any commercial concern.

Concern: Limited Access/Restricted Access Areas

  • We Recommend: Schlage AD-402 FIPS 201-2 Integration-ready Wireless Electronic Lock (Real-Time Control & Lockdown)
  • We Recommend: Schalge AD-400 Networked Wireless Lock (Real-Time Integration with Access Control Systems)


Concern: Security/Unauthorized Access

  • We Recommend: Schlage ND Series Electrified Locks (Flexibility in Wired Electrified Applications)
  • We Recommend: GF3000 Series Electromagnetic Lock (High Lock Holding Force)


Concern: General Security

  • We Recommend: Schlage Control™ Mobile Enabled Smart Lock (One-Touch Security Monitoring/Control)
  • We Recommend: LE Networked Wireless Mortise Lock (Multi-Functional Security Solutions)


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