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Most of a facilities’ exterior doors will either be metal doors (hollow metal) or storefront (aluminum glass). 

 Metal doors are the most appropriate for back, exterior pedestrian door applications.

While buildings and facilities are designed with multiple openings to ensure safe egress in the event of fire or other life/safety issue, these openings can also be a vulnerability if we don’t maintain them properly or outfit them accordingly.  We can help with this process.

While metal doors are strong and a good choice for many exterior applications they do need to be maintained and they do have a lifespan.  If your doors are looking rusted or bent out of shape, chances are it’s time to replace them.  If the exterior opening is not used for entrance then we can make it an exit only opening and increase security by not providing any entrance hardware and securing the latch and hinge locations with bolts and security bars.

If the opening is used regularly for employee or other access, we can help assist by installing robust hardware that interfaces with your access control system.  Access control is great to controlling access but it needs to be combined with security hardware to ensure the opening is not vulnerable to outward attack.

Believe it or not, we’ve seen many security breaches occur where an intruder brings a hefty crow bar and goes to town on metal doors.  If they aren’t properly outfitted, they can be an easy target for would-be thieves.

If you need a metal door replaced or repaired fast, give us a call.  We’ll make certain your building is quickly secure again.

We provide door services throughout the entire San Francisco Bay Area.
Some of the Northern California cities we serve are:

• Livermore, CA
• Pleasanton, CA
• Dublin, CA
• Oakland, CA
• Sunol, CA
• Tracy, CA
• San Ramon, CA
• Danville, CA
• Castro Valley, CA

• Hayward, CA
• San Leandro, CA
• Walnut Creek, CA
• San Mateo, CA
• Burlingame, CA
• Foster City, CA
• Belmont, CA
• San Carlos, CA
• Woodside, CA

• Mountain View, CA
• Sunnyvale, CA
• Santa Clara, CA
• Milpitas, CA
• Cupertino, CA
• Santa Cruz, CA
• Lafayette, CA
• Concord, CA
• Orinda, CA

• Berkeley, CA
• Albany, CA
• Emeryville, CA
• El Cerrito, CA
• Emeryville, CA
• Richmond, CA
• San Francisco, CA
• Menlo Park, CA
• Redwood City, CA

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