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Most people are willing to do everything to keep their business safe, even if it means investing in high-end lock systems. Over the years, keyless entry systems–along with the introduction of automated and smart security–have become one of the first lines of defense for tech-savvy business owners.

Are you planning to upgrade security features in your property? Here are the top 5 reasons why commercial locksmiths recommend keyless entry systems.

1. Greater Control on Access

The problem with mechanical keys is they can be stolen, copied, or lost. Keyless entry systems protect your company against this risk with the ability to use a password that can be changed from time to time. There are keyless door locks that also come with access control features, including different authority levels, audit trails, and the ability to restrict access times for select users.

2. Fewer Delays due to Re-Keying

Companies know that the costs of re-keying mechanical locks can add up as time goes by–especially for businesses that change employees more frequently like big box shops and grocery stores. Extensive organization and oversight are required when keeping track of physical keys.

Unfortunately, not all businesses have the time and money to do that.

Keyless entry door locks let you instantly add or revoke access. Managing a high number of users is made simple, too, thanks to the state-of-the-art touchscreen features and multilingual voice guidance technology from electronic locks.

3. Convenience

It’s often easy to install and maintain keypads and other types of electronic door locks. In some devices, retrofitting is even allowed so you can upgrade from a traditional model with a small amount of disruption.

Keyless entry door locks are typically battery-powered–eliminating the hassle and cost required for routing wiring to the door. There are battery life indicators as well. Since these help prevent power failures and access issues, you’ll never be locked out.

4. Sleek and Modern Design

The use of touchscreen interfaces in keyless entry systems has continuously grown over recent years. This has resulted in the rise in design standards over traditional models. Their seamless and modern-looking design offers business owners a more sophisticated aesthetic that’s similar to tablets and smartphones.

5. High Level of Security

Is a Key-less Entry System Commercial Locksmith Recommended1 Locks are only as good as the amount of security they offer. This is as true for high-tech lock systems as it is for the traditional locks we’ve all gotten used to.

Generally, keyless door locks can be used with different locking devices such as dead latches, mortises, cylindrical latches, exit devices, and so on. It’s important to be sure that you get the right functionality for your business, so discuss your needs with a specialist before installing a new keyless system.

Know Your Keyless Options

Keyless entry is meant to make life easier and safer for you, making it a wise investment for any company. However, its growing popularity has led to a wide range of options and other functions to consider, making the process of choosing more difficult.

If you’re thinking about installing a keyless lock system, ask your trusted commercial locksmith for advice. They can suggest the right product that will fit your specific needs and financial capacity. Contact them to know more about the advantages of going keyless.

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