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If you own a business, you should be aware of the importance of an emergency locksmith. There are many emergencies that could happen to locks, hardware, access control, doors, frames and other security systems the business uses, and failure to handle them immediately can result in more problems.

That’s where emergency locksmiths step in. They specialize in offering services to commercial establishments and meeting the varying needs of every organization. Examples of their areas of expertise include lock repair, hardware retrofits, interchangeable cores (IC cores), masterkey systems (MKS), keypad or keyless locks, key cutting, digital security systems, repairing locks, providing spare keys, and changing locks (rekeys).

Given the range of services, you shouldn’t be surprised if a commercial locksmith, especially one that is also an experienced door and hardware contractor specializing in retrofits and field modifications, charges more than the ordinary locksmith. You’re actually paying for their skills and training, which are often more advanced than those of the latter.

Still looking for an emergency locksmith but don’t know what to look for? Below are the things you should consider before hiring one:

Knowledgeable and Experienced

Qualities CommercialHire a commercial locksmith who has years of experience under their belt. They also need to have the right expertise for the job. As with any other professional in the industry, a technician who has had more experience in the industry is likely to have extensive knowledge in terms of addressing different kinds of lockout situations.

Fully Insured

Before signing on the dotted line, make sure that the locksmith you will choose is fully insured for your protection. This means the company can cover the expenses in case of damage done to your property during the process.

Accessible and Trustworthy

Having a good track record is important for any locksmith company. It serves as proof that they can provide quality service for their clients. An easy way to know about their history is by checking reviews on the internet. Find out if there are fellow business owners who have had positive experiences with them. You can also get referrals from other business owners you know.

Certified and Accredited

In order to verify an emergency locksmith’s qualifications, do your research about them. Check if the company is associated with industry organizations and agencies. You also need to find out if they have the required licenses to operate on commercial establishments. For small projects, an LCO (CA Locksmith license through the BSIS) is adequate.  However, for projects over $500, they must have a CA Contractor’s License (through CSLB). If they don’t have the right certification, then it might be best to look for other companies that have the necessary documents.

Always on Time

Lock emergencies can happen anytime, so your locksmith should be ready to respond to your call promptly. The commercial locksmith should always be on time and can be trusted with the most important aspects of your business. They must be reliable and as punctual as possible because it’s never safe to neglect security-related problems in your business.

Getting locked out of your business or experiencing difficulties with your front door or hardware can lead to long delays and decreases in profits. That’s why you need the quick and efficient service of a commercial emergency locksmith. Highly-skilled professionals from a reputable company will be able to help you out in these unexpected situations–just make sure you find one who is qualified and has a proven track record.

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