Commercial Locksmith in Pleasanton CA

Are you Looking for a Commercial Locksmith in Pleasanton CA?

At All Locks and Doors, we specialize in providing excellent locksmith services to our Commercial Clients.  We are fortunate to have some fantastic clients in the Tri-Valley Area and beyond.  These companies are great to work with and the appreciation is mutual.  While we are located in Livermore, we also work with many companies in Pleasanton, Dublin and throughout the Bay Area.  For the right clients, we strive to be the go-to Commercial Locksmith in Pleasanton CA and beyond.

Some of our Commercial Clients in Pleasanton include:  Assisted Living Facilities, Property Management Companies, Retail Stores, Professional Offices, and more.  We often get calls from contractors who are working with large Retail Clients nationwide and prefer to utilize our services for this area.

There are many different services we provide to our commercial clients.  We get a great deal of calls to service (repair or replace) commercial door closers.  This is one of those services that must be done on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, door closers aren’t built to last forever.  And, when they are used repeatedly (imagine how many times the front doors to your favorite clothing store are opened every day), their lifespan can be shortened even further.  Often we find door closers that are in sad shape – leaking and barely operational.  In these cases, the closers must be replaced.  We have worked on hundreds of door closers and can get your doors working smoothly again.  It really does make a big difference once you get new door closers installed.

Another issue we see often at our commercial clients are doors that are not ADA compliant.  Sometimes the non-compliance can be due to normal wear and tear, but sometimes, it is the result of work of others who may not be aware of the codes that apply to many commercial locations (e.g. NFPA 80).  That’s why it’s important that your Professional Commercial Locksmith in Pleasanton CA understands and adheres to ADA Compliance.  We have lots of experience with code compliance can ensure that our clients are always ADA compliant.

If you’re looking for an expert Commercial Locksmith in Pleasanton CA, give us a call.  We look forward to being a part of your team.  We take pride in the fact that we are experienced, communicative and make certain that our special commercial clients get top priority (quick response when needed).

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