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Looking for Prompt, Professional, and High-QualityCommercial Locksmith Services in Dublin, CA?

Commercial Locksmith Services and Consultation for Businesses in Dublin, California


All Locks and Doors is a professional door repair and locksmith service specializing in door hardware consultation, repair, and installation for commercial compounds. With an existing consumer base hailing from the Pleasanton area, we are more than familiar with how most of the local companies conduct business. What’s more, this familiarity has helped bolster our industry experience.

Working with so many businesses in Dublin has strengthened our familiarity and fondness for that particular area. We love working with Dublin-based clients, and we believe the appreciation is mutual.



What sets All Locks and Doors apart from other commercial door and locksmith services? Above all, our commitment to a job well done. Our work ethic. Our attention to detail. Our responsiveness and sense of responsibility. We strive to be the trusted name behind lock and door safety and security for all businesses in Dublin, CA.


For over ten years, All Locks and Doors has been providing professional door and locksmith services for commercial establishments of all kinds; retail, production, distribution, etc. Backed by considerable industry experience and a legacy of excellence, every All Locks and Doors locksmith and technician is committed to over-deliver on their promise and provide quality results in every project.

Work Ethic.

Going hand-in-hand with our commitment to excellence is our incomparable work ethic. We strive to be as efficient and as resourceful as possible in every commercial project we do for Dublin businesses. Whether it’s something as straightforward as repairing a broken lock or something a little more complex—like installing a smart, keyless lock—our team’s knowledge and competence is utilized for best results.

Attention to Detail.

No matter how many clients we serve, projects we undertake, or businesses we partner with, we never compromise quality—for anything. No matter how “small” or “minor” the job is, we refuse to be complacent. Little details left unchecked now could later spiral into larger issues. We triple-check our work before we declare a job finished and we always discuss any concerns we have with our clients.

Responsiveness & Responsibility.

We value our clients’ time as much as we value our own. Having worked with dozens of businesses in Dublin, CA before, we know how precious time is. We understand the need for managers and owners to optimize their schedules. That’s why we guarantee prompt responses and constant communication at all times, no matter what the project entails.


All Locks and Doors offers professional locksmith services for businesses and commercial companies based in Dublin, CA. Our team of trained technicians and accredited professionals work closely with our clients before, during, and even after project completion.

All Locks and Doors offers a vast array of services under door hardware repair and installation, key management and control, and code compliance consultation—just to name a few. Whether you need tighter security for your compound or you’d like to start wirelessly controlling access to certain areas in your building, All Locks and Doors commercial locksmith services can offer you the best possible solutions.

Door Hardware Services

  • Pull/Push Plates
  • Latch & Bolt Guards
  • Door Closers
  • Handlesets
  • Padlocks
  • [More Services]

Access Control (Mechanical & Electronic)

  • •Electric Strikes
  • Mag Locks
  • Card Readers
  • Exit Alarms
  • Motion Sensors
  • [More Services]

Key Management & Key Control

  • DND (Do Not Duplicate) Keys
  • Key Boxes
  • Rekeys
  • [More Services]


For more than ten years, we’ve worked with hundreds of products—locks, doors, door hardware, door accessories, security systems, and so on. Through extensive research, client interviews, and hands-on experience, we’ve created a list of our preferred commercial lock and door brands—ones that we don’t hesitate to recommend to our clients.

  • Schlage Locks
  • Kaba Locks
  • Adams Rite Locks
  • Pemko Threshold
  • Stanley Door
  • Von Duprin
  • [Learn More]


For businesses and commercial companies in Dublin, California, All Locks and Doors offers professional door consultation and general door (and related hardware) services. Backed by over ten years of experience in repairing, replacing, installing, assessing, and adjusting commercial doors, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide professional, high-quality results in every project. Our technicians are trained, accredited, and experienced service providers whose skills ensure that you always get more than you paid for.

Our team implicitly understands the concerns and considerations that need to be taken into account when inspecting, installing, or repairing a commercial door. Safety concerns, weight or occupancy considerations, code compliance, and on-site security are all extremely important factors that must be given due attention—especially in the commercial sector. All Locks and Doors technicians have the skills, tools, and expertise needed to deliver your commercial door needs.

Commercial Door Services

  • Undercut
  • Mortise
  • Retrofit
  • [More Services]

Commercial Hardware (Installation/Supply)

  • Cylindrical Locks
  • Exit Devices
  • Closers
  • Continuous Hinges
  • Thresholds
  • [More Services]


  • Schools
  • Retail
  • Fire Stations
  • [More Projects]


  • Metal
  • Fire
  • Door Frames
  • [More Options]


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