All about Locks and Doors

Do you want to know all about locks and doors?

When I’m not working onsite, I like to try to make some time to upload some articles and pictures of my work on the job site. As my work at All Locks and Doors is, literally, all about locks and doors.  What do you think most of my blogging is about?  Yup,  you guessed it.  I’m going to go into detail all about locks and doorsI hope these articles are informative and interesting.  Happy reading.

Locksmith Course for the LPFD

Recently we had the pleasure and opportunity of teaching a locksmith course at the LPFD (Livermore Pleasanton Fire Department) Training Grounds in Pleasanton.  I didn’t even know this place existed but it’s cool.  It’s set up with various structures (buildings,...

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Lock Repair – IC Core

We received a call for locksmith service (specifically lock repair) the other day from a Facilities Maintenance company. I’ve worked with these companies in the past. Some of them are reputable and some of them are not. For this reason I’m always a little hesitant to...

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How to Install a Keyless Entry Lock

I decided to take a brief video of one of my last residential projects in Pleasanton, CA involving the installation of a keyless entry unit. If you’d like to bypass this post and get straight to the video, please scroll down to the bottom of the page. This is my...

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