Emergency Locksmith

Have you ever locked your keys in your car? Or accidentally locked yourself out of your home or office?

If you have ever found yourself in one of these predicaments, you probably found yourself scrambling to search for an emergency locksmith.

Yes, it’s embarrassing, frustrating and extremely annoying. People can even get really angered by this occurrence. We know and we understand. We’ve been there too. It’s true, even locksmiths can and do find ourselves locked out of something every so often. It’s definitely not a fun situation. What makes it worse is the need to scramble to find someone. How do you find an emergency locksmith quickly when you need one? Even more importantly, how do you know that you’ve found a REPUTABLE and HONEST emergency locksmith?

At All Locks and Doors, we are empathetic during these emergency locksmith situations. We can help you out and, most of the time, we can do so quickly and seamlessly. There is nothing better than an expeditious resolution to an undesirable and embarrassing situation.

Are you a contractor or builder who needs to remove a padlock on a gate? Or, do you need to make some copies of high security keys on demand? If you are in an emergency where time is of the essence and you’re in the building industry we can help. You don’t need to scramble to find an unknown emergency locksmith. Call us at All Locks and Doors. We understand how to handle locksmith emergency situations, especially those in the commercial sector. In fact, we give our current commercial clients first priority and make every effort to provide same day emergency locksmith service and quick response time.

We get it that sometimes a speedy action is required. Perhaps there was an employee who was fired or a contractor or subcontractor who has been dropped from the project. During these situations, it is important to call the right professional. Don’t search for just any emergency locksmith online. Instead, keep our information handy so you know you will reach a quality, reputable emergency locksmith when you need one.

What’s worse than experiencing a locksmith emergency situation?  I’ll tell you. What’s even WORSE is experiencing an emergency locksmith situation (e.g. losing your car keys) and then calling the WRONG locksmith. Unfortunately, there are people out there passing themselves off as locksmiths who don’t know what they are doing (aka scammer locksmiths). These people sometimes can help you out with your emergency (e.g. and make that car key for you). However, if they can help they often do so and then demand crazy high payments for their services. There is nothing worse than being in a vulnerable situation and then being taken advantage of by the person who is supposed to be helping you.

Bottom line: don’t let yourself get into this situation. Don’t search for an emergency locksmith when you are in the midst of a real emergency situation. Instead, get to know us here at All Locks and Doors. We are your partner and local, expert locksmith. We can help you out during your crisis situation. We hope you don’t ever need us for an emergency locksmith situation. But, if you do, we are here to help.

Our Emergency Locksmith Services include:

Commercial Locksmith Emergencies:

  • Emergency Rekeys
  • Lock Outs
  • Mobile Mini Lock Issues / Servicing
  • Construction Office Trailer Security
  • Key Copies
  • IC Core Replacement

Residental Locksmith Emergencies:

  • Lock Outs
  • Key Stuck in Lock
  • Lost Keys
  • Emergency Rekey




Automotive Locksmith Emergencies:

  • Lost Car Keys
  • Car Lock Outs
  • Key Stuck in Ignition